nietzsche also talked a lot about becoming the boobermensch which i think means taking estrogen

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@KitRedgrave @00dani @haskal look if i was collateral damage of me carpet bombing cloudflare I would simply not get hit

@00dani @haskal yes and TLS can offer that, but if one end chooses to throw that away all those things,, not much you can do about that

@KitRedgrave @00dani @haskal if you work for cloudflare you are actively choosing to work for a company that's fine with supporting nazis, doxxing people and fucking over SW's so idk if I should care

@00dani @haskal your point is partially moot because beyond the endpoint is not the guarantee in any of those encryption implementations

@00dani @haskal yes because you're introducing another layer if I'm using bitlbee it still happens

@00dani @haskal cloudflare should be carpet bombed to the ground tho

@00dani @haskal but that's not different from any other e2e solution, consider this new fangled service beeper.

you've always still got to trust the endpoint you're talking to

the fact that the ATX standard has 12V is really handy in that it makes it easy to replace the PC Speaker in your computer with a real actual car horn


why do all girls have bigger dicks than me,, kinda hot ngl

hon hon hon i am a german hon hon hon i am drinking mate hon hon do you have mate oh wait only we german have mate hon hon hon

@amandag @zotan writing loads of C and causing segfaults, then someone calling C a mistake and then eater entered the conversation

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