on my phone, i have
- an adblocker in my browser
- a system wide ad blocker that works by routing requests to ad domains to local host
- another system wide ad blocker that works by intercepting app's internal calls to recognised ad APIs and returns nothing
- a modified version of youtube with ads removed

i still see ads :blobcatgoogly:

@lynnesbian oh!! what apps do you use?? I only have like AdAway and uBlock, (also NewPipe but detail), I've been annoyed by those ads in Instagram for ages now (I get an ad for the army -every- day, what de fuck)


@lynnesbian ah I don't have Xposed (not really,, planning to either cuz it's annoying), thanks tho~

@eater xposed is really good but i can't recommend it because of how google intentionally disables google pay if you use it

also nintendo apps will all mysteeeriously crash on devices with xposed but i'm sure it's just a coincidence

@lynnesbian I run LineageOS microg, has all the googly bits removed (and replaced with fake googly bits, so,, most things work. except nintendo games and google pay I expect)

microg is p cool, because you don't have to have a google account either to use your phone (which I don't)

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