extremely cursed 

thanks to that tillie thread over on birbsite my brain made up a brand new thing: leftist authoritarian thought leaders, or: think tankies

the social isolation will continue until morale improves

« ~Practical (?) Japanese Slang~

猫吸い (neko sui)
"breathing the cat in"

Meaning: when you bury your face in a cat's fur and take a deep breath or sniff the cat »

type of catgirl that has asbestos pads on her paws

nerd pickup lines 

[in minecraft] hey babe lets go to my house and change your spawn location


me: do not look at me. do not perceive me. i do not wish to be observed. i want to be invisible. i want to slip through life unnoticed and unseen

also me: (goes to sainsburys looking like this)

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